23 January 2010


"I was thinking about an art project that is as much about the agreement that the buyer signs as it is about the art itself.

When the buyer purchases the piece he/she signs an EULA. It would basically say that the by purchasing the art the buyer agrees to the stipulations listed. These would be very similar to a common software EULA: the buyer is "licensing" the art, the art is non-transferable, at anytime the artist reserves the right to change the art.

That last part would be the best part. You could show up during the middle of dinner and add a small dot to the painting. You could show up early in the morning and staple taxidermy to the frame. You could hide fish heads in a box under a bed. Anything goes as long as it is still within the EULA.

The whole point of this is to demonstrate that we sign so many things that we don't understand and would not have signed if we did." - http://tinyurl.com/53bbn7

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